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Clarifying the Diminished Value Law

The new Diminished Value Jury instruction clearly defends California consumers’ right to recover both the cost of repairing their cars, as well as any loss in value resulting from the accident. Kerr & Sheldon is proud to have assisted in clarifying the law and hope the newly revised jury instruction will make it easier for all California consumers to obtain fair compensation for their vehicle’s loss in value due to an accident caused by someone else’s negligence.

If you have any questions regarding diminished value and how you can get assistance, please feel free to contact us. We want to help you get the value you deserve.

View the official jury instruction revised CACI No. 3903

View the Judicial Council Meeting Official Notes

Russell Kerr was fantastic in helping me all the way through my diminished value case against Geico insurance. He answered every one of my E-mail questions, recommended an appraiser for me, sent me copies of the jury instructions and law regarding DV and generally continued to advise me all the way through a very difficult and arduous procedure. He  is a real pro and I would gladly recommend him to anyone in a similar situation.”

Michael N.

Russell successfully handled my diminished value case recovering 50k in compensation by settlement. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Lea W.

Fortunate to find Kerr & Sheldon. I had a diminished value case from an accident that was not my fault. The at fault insurance said they would not pay diminished value. I called many firms and no one would take the case. Finally I was referred to Russel Kerr, who was well versed in this type of case and was able to get the insurance company to settle for an acceptable amount. I would highly recommend using Kerr & Sheldon for your legal needs! I appreciate all the help.”

Steve E.
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