Orange Personal Injury Attorney

The city of Orange, California has a rich and storied history that goes well beyond the known expeditions that led to it in the 1700’s. From the ranchos that established the area to the railroads that made cross-country transport possible, Orange has changed over the years. Changes in Orange and the surrounding areas have created a different suburban area. With the cute area aptly named Orange Circle and the historic buildings in it, there is so much that Orange offers its namesake of Orange County. Orange is among the many cities around Orange County that Kerr & Sheldon care deeply about. In fact, our firm has in the past 10 years successfully represented over 2,500 clients and obtained more than $68 million in judgments and settlements on their behalf. Orange is one of the beautiful cities where accidents have frequently occurred over the years. But, for the past 30+ years, Kerr & Sheldon has worked tirelessly in Orange as personal injury attorneys. Our steadfast commitment to our clients in Orange to victims of accidents and those who have sustained personal injuries shows in the number of people who have used our services.