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Suffering an injury in the face of an accident can be a stressful time. There are doctor bills to take care of and insurance companies to talk to, and through all the paperwork you’re working at feeling better and recovering … more

If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident in California, the first step is usually to try to reach a favorable settlement with an insurance company. The way insurers act now, however, you’re likely to be … more

Kerr & Sheldon has frequently pointed out how insurance companies consistently low-ball injury claims. For years we’ve fought hard on behalf of injury victims and are proud of our efforts to help consumers fight back against greedy insurers – one … more

Explanation & Overview Personal injury claims including automobile accidents are usually handled by lawyers on a contingency fee basis instead of an hourly fee. You only pay your attorney a fee if your claim is settled or litigated successfully. If … more

You’ve been in a car accident. Now what? After filing police and accident reports, you may wonder, “What is my claim worth?” This is a valid question, especially if you’re looking to avoid a lawsuit with your insurance company. You … more

Diminished Value Article by Kerr & Sheldon Law So, What Is Diminished Value? Would you buy a vehicle that has been in an accident? Chances are you wouldn’t, because you know that a car is worth significantly less after it’s … more

Medicare laws require you to repay Medicare for medical bills paid on your behalf for treatment of injuries resulting from another party’s negligence or other wrongful conduct.  Medicare issues conditional payments to the medical providers but wants its money back … more

5 REASONS INSURANCE COMPANIES ‘LOW-BALL’ PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS IN CALIFORNIA As personal injury attorneys in Orange County, we regularly see insurance companies giving low-ball offers on personal injury claims. We have made it our job to know why so we … more

In California, insurance companies are held to a high standard of care toward their own insureds and must act fairly and in good faith in discharging its contractual responsibilities during personal injury cases. This includes the duty not to withhold … more

After an Accident on the Road The first 10 minutes and first 10 hours after a car accident are the most vital—whether or not you are at fault. If you need to contact a personal injury attorney after the accident, … more

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