2015 Kerr & Sheldon Trial Results

Kerr & Sheldon has frequently pointed out how insurance companies consistently low-ball injury claims. For years we’ve fought hard on behalf of injury victims and are proud of our efforts to help consumers fight back against greedy insurers – one victory at a time.

Confusion With The Process Is Common

Insurance adjusters are trained to abusively undervalue claims, leaving consumers confused and frustrated.   Painful injuries and outstanding medical bills add to the pressure consumers’ face. They often settle their claims quickly for less than fair value simply to recoup their out-of-pocket medical costs and lost wages.

What Is A Fair Settlement?

Insurers know victims are in a vulnerable position and need cash quickly and rarely offer fair settlements. Insurers benefit whenever a victim accepts less than a fair settlement. Multiplied by the number of claims handled each year their profits are enormous. An unfair settlement also means the victim may have future expenses that will go unpaid which can add up quickly.

Know Your Rights

When consumers do get fed up with insurer’s low-ball tactics and decide to fight they often contact Kerr & Sheldon. Our trial results this year reflect the disparity between insurers’ low-ball offers and the real value associated with injuries as determined by conservative Orange County jurors. We’re proud to say that our record this year is stellar.

K&S 2015 Trial Results

The three cases below are jury verdicts against insurers in 2015. These clients had enough of being run-around and low-balled and needed some peace of mind that their medical bills would be covered after their accidents. Though the accidents were not the fault of our clients, we were forced to fight for what was right—and won.

    • Fajardo v. Zarate involved a rear-end collision. The insurer offered $25,000, which was less than our client’s medical expenses. Following a trial in Orange County, a jury awarded our client $100,000.


    • Mendiola v. Richards involved a client struck by another vehicle making an improper left turn. Before filing a lawsuit, the insurer refused to settle for its policy limit of $25,000. Following a trial in Orange County, a jury awarded our client $69,000.


    • Balaj v. Ramos involved a client struck by another vehicle pulling out from a side street that failed to yield. Before trial, the insurer offered $15,000, less than our client’s medical expenses. At trial an Orange County jury awarded our client $35,000, more than twice the original offer.


Potentially Double The Low-Ball Offer

These cases are not unique. They reflect common types of injuries resulting from automobile accidents every day in California. Each verdict was more than twice the insurer’s low-ball offers, an average difference of $45,000 per case. Don’t let insurance adjusters bully you into a low ball offer. Kerr & Sheldon has an excellent track record for winning cases and helping clients get the settlement they deserve. Read more about some of our recent settlements or contact us for an initial consultation.